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Develop an exercise plan to focus on increased strength and muscle mass.

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Strength Training takes on many different forms depending on who you are, What stage you're at in your life and what your goals maybe, So If your that 300 lb line backer and your goal is to obliterate the defense line of the opposing team. Box U Right Fitness is the team for you.

May be your that 90 lbs senior who's ultimate goal is to carry his/her own groceries home from the super market without being terrified of tripping over every hair line crack in in the side walk & dislocating your hip. Then Box U Right Fitness is certainly the right fit for you. Lastly maybe you're none of those former mentioned personalities. You are some where in between & you want to live a healthy fit existence, Some times you want to punch some things & occasionally someone. throw some stuff. Lift a few things. Jump up & down,run ride,push,pull and ultimately look good naked. Box U Right Fitness is where you should be conducting your strength training. Give us a call & let's box u into shape!

Don't Settle For A Gym That Doesn't Work, Call 917-547-4361To Experience A Professional Personal Training Company.

Box U Right Fitness is located in the New york metropolitan area Meat packing district. We service the tristate area's and beyond. We are the exercise professionals who bring the gym to you!


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