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Our goal is to aid our clients in reaching their own personal best. Whether it's boxing,weight training,weight management or building a better self image, Box U Right Fitness is at your side all the way. With every mile, every repetition, every step. Talking the talk. But more importantly walking the walk. Read More


Comprehensive Fitness Options

Box U Right Fitness as a company believes our training method's are designed to allow the athlete to not only train outside the box, But to also think outside the box. It's not about boxing or boxing training, It's about building a more physically fit body & mind. If boxing training is your vehicle of choice we got you, If not we have a training method to help you achieve your best you.

Boxing Training

Boxing training is the same contact or non-contact exercise program that professional and amateur boxers rely on to attain full body conditioning.

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Strength Training

Strength training means different things to many People. Whether you're a boxer, ballerina, power lifter or the average

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Child Fitness

Emphasizing physical and spiritual balance, our yoga programs expand your possibilities.

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Don't Settle For A Gym That Doesn't Work, Call 917-547-4361To Experience A Professional Personal Training Company.

Box U Right Fitness is located in the New york metropolitan area Meat packing district. We service the tristate area's and beyond. We are the exercise professionals who bring the gym to you!


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